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7 Pack Sampler YOUR PRICE $22.35


            Meet our All-Star Lineup - This collection includes 1 of each variety

  • "JELLY RING JUBILEE" Vegan protein, fiber & chocolate, alkaline greens, dried cranberries & gluten free oats pack this bar with antioxidants & omega's which help the body fight disease, increase metabolism & elevate energy level.
  • 'NUTS FOR COCONUT"  Vegan protein, fiber & chocolate, organic coconut, gluten free steel cut oats & almond butter. Nutrient dense with a taste of the tropics.       
  • "BABY, IT'S THE GREATEST" Vegan protein, steel cut oats & raw peanut butter create lean muscle & feed soft tissue.
  • "JOY TO ALMONDS" Packed with vegan protein, fiber & chocolate, organic coconut, & almonds.  Rich in amino acids, this bar pure energy.
  • "YO! IT'S ROCKY ROAD" Chocolate, gluten free oats, vegan protein & raw peanut butter are nutrient dense with a hint of marshmallow to satisfy the craving. Indulge any day. This bar is a "knockout!"
  • "YOU GOT CHOCOLATE IN MY PEANUT BUTTER" Chocolate, gluten free oats, raw peanut butter. Packed with monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, manganese & foliate makes this a heart healthy choice.  Fuel the Body. 
  • "Mocha Loca" Vegan protein, fiber & dark chocolate, almond butter & Molokai coffee create a decadent flavor & deliver an extra boost.

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