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About Us

It all started in our kitchen making bars for the family.  We wanted to eliminate gluten from our lifestyle.  After much research we discovered that lactose, soy & whey wouldn't suit our needs either.  We wanted homemade quality without preservatives, GMO's, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners yet there was nothing on the market that fit our needs and tasted great.  Well...now there is and we want to share it with the world!  

We live in a fast paced, obese and malnourished society that skips meals, eats processed foods and has little time to read labels. Many Americans on some level have an aversion to gluten.  Many times people who suffer from irregularity, bloating, migraines, thyroid, behavioral issues and even MS find gluten as a catalyst.  We wanted to eliminate these issues from our lives. As full-time working parents of two we needed something that would save time and take the guess work out of eating healthy for the whole family.

Raw foods allow for optimal metabolism because the ingredients remain whole to maintain the integrity of the nutrients.  Our philosophy is to provide healthy, palate pleasing products at a superior quality that truly can "Fuel the Body and Calm the Crave."  We encourage everyone who visits our site to do their own research, ask questions and never settle for less than you deserve.  We promise to maintain the highest quality and integrity in our products while working to develop new and exciting foods to share!

 "Fuel the Body, Calm the Crave"

-Serafina & John Natale  

"Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment"      -Bob Burg