Why You Should Eat Raw

 A food is considered raw when it is prepared at less than 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Raw, is food in its natural state meaning it's unprocessed, unheated and easily digestible.  Heating above 116 degrees Fahrenheit reduces more than 80% of nutrients in food, depletes vitamins and damages proteins and fats. Raw foods allow for optimal metabolization because heating our food destroys enzymes that benefit digestion.  Our ingredients remain whole to maintain the integrity of the nutrients.

If you look at the natural world, we are the only species that cooks our food. The evolutionary ability to cook our food has helped us evade disease and reduce the energy requirements for digestion; so what’s the big deal with raw? The problem stems from when you move from simply cooking food for health reasons to having a diet fully composed of processed and damaged foods.  Your diet should be balanced and RAW Nature's Fuel Bars are convenient, taste great and take the guess work out of eating healthy!