Why You Should Eat Almond Butter

For the possibly many people out there who have never heard of almond butter, it’s kind of like peanut butter’s healthier cousin.  It still has that creamy delicious taste and is great spread on just about anything.  That's why we decided to make 4 amazing flavors of RAW Nature’s Fuel Bars with almond butter.  These bars are Jelly Ring Jubilee, Mocha Loca, Joy to Almond's and Coconut and Nuts for Coconut….give them a try!      

As a snack almonds fill you up while providing many wholesome nutrients. Almonds contain high-density lipoproteins and folic acids to help metabolize carbohydrates.  They are high in easily digestible protein and fiber while containing very little carbs.   Almonds also contain phosphorus, which promotes healthy bones and teeth and potassium, which works as an electrolyte.  It has been known that almonds help reduce the reactionary rise in glucose and insulin levels after meals.  Almonds help promote beneficial bacteria in our gut that can help increase the effectiveness of your immune system.  

RAW Nature’s Fuel uses the freshest, all natural, made to order almond butter that is the finest quality.  This creates the creamy and great tasting protein bars that “Fuel the Body & Calm the Crave.”   

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