What is Cashew Butter?

I’ve been seeing a lot of hype about nut butters lately and realized my research needed to catch up!  When I ate cashew butter for the first time it reminded me exactly of the taste of cashews but it had the consistency of a thick smoothie.  It was absolutely delicious! It mixes very similarly to peanut and almond butter and spreads just as easily too.  Cashew butter and jelly sandwiches anyone?

Cashew butter can be used just like peanut butter.  Cashew butter has slightly less protein than peanut butter but it is packed with many other nutrients.  It has a lot of minerals and vitamin B to promote a healthy immune system and boost metabolism.  Cashew butter contains half the sugar and has much fewer additives.  It contains less fat than other nut butters and the fat it contains is unsaturated and heart-healthy.  Move on over peanut butter!

As of now, RAW Nature’s Fuel is working on perfecting a gluten-free protein bar that is made from cashew butter.  This bar will tantalize the taste buds just like all of our other amazing flavors!  Keep your eyes open for a new cashew butter gluten free protein bar brought to you by RAW Nature’s Fuel!

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