The Importance of Breakfast

The sun rises in the morning and it begins to shine through your window, slowly waking you up.  While yawning, you begin to roll over, when suddenly your heart skips a beat and you jolt up.  What time is it!?  Ohh no!! Your alarm never went off and now you have 25 minutes to get to work. Facing at least a twenty-minute commute ahead of you quickly change, freshen up and run to your car.  Your normal relaxing morning drive is now a torturously bright and confusing journey.  Not only that, you didn’t have enough time to grab a coffee and eat breakfast.  For the rest of the morning you have to withstand being hungry and grumpy. On your break, you inhale whatever food you can find, without any remorse of how unhealthy it might be.  

We have all found ourselves in that same situation; being hungry all morning is horrible.   I have experienced that perfect storm of a morning myself way too many times.  The one difference is that I never skip breakfast!  How do I have the time in the morning to make breakfast? I don’t need to because every morning I eat a Raw Nature’s Fuel protein bar!  It’s the perfect grab-and-go breakfast that has natural sugars and plant protein to give me the fuel I need to throughout my day.  I honestly think breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  After eating my Raw Nature’s Fuel protein bar I am full for basically the rest of the day.  By eating breakfast I snack less throughout the day and I am more alert in the mornings.  There are no more excuses for skipping breakfast and then eating unhealthily all day when you can “Fuel the Body and Calm the Crave” with RAW Nature’s Fuel protein bars!


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