Post Your Favorite Bar!!

What's your favorite bar? Do you eat them for breakfast, pre/post-workout or as a snack?  Well...let the world know and leave a comment below!

My favorite bar for breakfast is "Jelly Ring Jubilee" I eat one every morning and when I have the time I crunch it up and put it in plain, non-fat yogurt for an amazing start to my day!  

In my opinion, the best bar for a snack is "Baby It's the Greatest" Vanilla Peanut Butter.  It has a smooth texture with a slight crunch from the steel cut oats and it's packed with vitamins that will fuel you through the rest of the day!

Every time I have an intense workout there is only one bar that can calm the crave...and that bar is "Nuts for Coconut"!! With 19 grams of protein sourced from pea, cranberry and brown rice this bar will replenish you with vital nutrients after your workout!


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